To Haifi: Jews cannotbe behind everything [Archives:2003/636/Letters to the Editor]

May 12 2003

Bo May
[email protected]

After reading the whole text of your anti-coalition column “Who said that this is over and done with?”, I thought, gee whiz, this writer is suffering from depression. Go get yourself a drink and a trip to a bawdy house. Most Americans haven't lost a bit of sleep about matters in Iraq since the collapse of Saddam's statue in central Baghdad. Who do you think pays the bills on CNN? the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Guess again, I'm a dyed in wool Christian (on the eve of Easter), but not naive to believe that anyone but the Jewish people are pulling the strings on this one. So live with it, Israel has been a nation since 1948, and it is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, I'm not beating a Jewish drum, so you just get drunk and laid and stop suffering from such a repressive lifestyle (or is this forbidden by your REGIME) and enjoy yourself!