To Haifi: What do you propose? [Archives:2003/635/Letters to the Editor]

May 12 2003

Charles Gaynor
[email protected]

I've been making it more of a point to read your editorials on a regular basis since you pointed out that years ago, you supported America in President Clintons actions in Bosnia and have always deplored Saddam's regime, editorials which weren't on the tip of my tongue.
What I've seen since is that you continue to appear to try and incite people against America by calling us invaders.
Now, you're probably not aware of the immense amount of dialogue going on here, about what we, as a nation led by a government doing things in our name, relative to, if we should or shouldn't have, what we've done or not, right, wrong, best and worse. Lots of dialogue which will, eventually (many of us hope) be reflected in our national policy.
Ask any number of people here, and they will say almost unanimously – we want to get along with our brothers and sisters there, and everywhere.
No one is arguing WHO was first with freedoms, lets deal with what is occurring today, right now.
These past weeks have seen a religious observance that was not permitted to occur for over two decades? Is that correct?
Why now?
That, I think, may have been the only point of the people writing to you, from a country full of invaders who only want (according to you, it SEEMS) to steal, invade, kill, take advantage of, and on and on.
In so many words, that's been your message. But what do you propose for the future?
On the other hand, I would like to tell the editor that his article on oppressive Arab leaders (published in issue 631) was well said.
It's been apparent to me that governments act as if the people are there to serve them, while it should be the other way around. With very few exceptions, governmental leaders all leave office rich, their families all have the best jobs, their fortunes are set for generations to come.
Gandhi was one who put his people first yet, sadly, the love in his heart for his fellow men was soon lost, forgotten, and greed and personal gain again became primary.
In the face of world pressure from the banking and industrial industries, it's very difficult for leaders to stay in power long when putting their fellow citizens first. When we find one that does, we should work hard to support and protect them from the hateful and selfish who would have them removed from office, who lie to us to divide us from each other when the common man, the world over, want the same thing.