To strengthen the position of female lawyers in Yemen:Female lawyers are also good [Archives:2003/643/Community]

June 19 2003

Sisters Arabic Forum for Human Rights (SAF) concluded on Wednesday its 3-day national symposium that took place in Hadda Hotel for the training of the female lawyers in means to support human rights through their professions.
The 40 participants represented jurists, lawyers, and human rights activists from various governorates took part in the event.
A number of significant issues were discussed in five sessions starting with a background on human rights and the international mechanisms to protect them. Women's rights in Arab countries constitutions in general and in Yemen's constitution in particular were also discussed.
Obstacles and impediments that female lawyers and juries face were also among the hot topics.
The issue of difficulties faced by female students in the Judiciary college were also brought into view as many suggested solutions were also brought by participants.
Among the main personalities attending the inauguration were Mr. Ali al-Anesi, the Manager of the Presidential Office and the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Human Rights, Ms. Amal al-Basha, the Chairman of SAF along with several other individuals representing human right and law sectors in the country.
Al-Anesi, said in his speech that the Yemeni constitution gave women great advantages comparing to neighboring countries. He confirmed that the government encourages women to join all fields of work as long as they have the right qualifications and skills.
He added that the fault was not in the laws but in those who implement them.
Al-Anesi wished success for the symposium and expressed his hopes in that the event will bring about practical recommendations to enhance human rights in Yemen.