To the Contractors of Death: It is Allah Who Giveth and Allah Who Taketh [Archives:2008/1194/Opinion]

September 29 2008

The current increase in the death contracts being awarded to elements of an ugly subculture, which has been embedded throughout the various countries of the world, especially where there is already a predominant Moslem population or where a significant Moslem minority exists, inescapably points to a suspicious trend. Suspicious, indeed it is, but nevertheless not defiant of any explanation. Surely, these moronic gangs have gone to great lengths and sacrifices to render their notion of the faith they presumably advocate incomprehensible even to those who are devout Moslems, who still have an inkling of the true attachment that Islam must harbor for life and the well being of not just Moslems, but human beings of every faith, creed, color and ethnic affiliation. Why? Why? Why all this gory addiction to death? It is inconceivable that even the masterminds of these heinous displays of flagrant sadism spiced by a distorted kamikaze conviction surely know that what they are doing is a far cry from the Islam of the Holy Qur'an and the doings and sayings of the Prophet Mohammed (PABUH) . That in itself is enough of a rationale to strongly suggest and advocate with some degree of certainty that these nincompoops are certainly working for interests that are nowhere near the interests of Moslems or the propagation of Islam. On top of that, their insistence on the sanctity of shedding the blood of innocent and mostly unarmed Moslems is an un-Godly intuition for which they will burn in hell before any judgment is passed on any heathen on the Day of Judgment. Make no mistake about it, the world is under the threat of an evil monstrosity that has found its riches and self satisfaction in the gruesome scenes they create as their evil intellect devises one form of infliction of mass death after another. These shadowy geniuses of sadistic mayhem are far from conveying the true “orthodox”” Islam they profess to submit to. On the contrary