Together against potential fifth Sa’ada War [Archives:2008/1157/Opinion]

May 22 2008

By: Raima Al-Shami
Four destructive wars have taken place in Sa'ada governorate with funds coming from the state's treasury while Yemeni citizens pay the price for their aftermath. Such consecutive wars caused huge human and material losses, destroyed social values and helped chaos become rampant while Yemeni people don't know about their real causes.

Is it not time for us to come together against a potential war in the restless governorate that may bring to five the number destructive wars plaguing innocent citizens and making their poor living standards worsen.

Life in Sa'ada is miserable, the human situation there is tragic and the negative consequences of ceaseless fighting may continue to threaten human and animal life in the northern governorate. Up to 106 primary and secondary schools have been closed and thousands of children dropped out of schools as a result of endless fighting between the army and Houthis.

Sa'ada children turned to know nothing more than the language of killing, fighting and bloodshed. They are leading an abnormal life and are denied their right to have easy access to education.

In order to rescue Yemen from becoming like Somalia or Iraq, we must give no chance for such tragic incidents to take place in our homeland. The ordeal suffered by Sa'ada citizens throughout the consecutive wars reflects the real situation of large numbers of Yemeni people sharing the same catastrophes in the different parts of the nation, which is the direct result of a totalitarian regime adopting the kind of policies that make citizens more famished and ailing.

The series of consecutive wars taking place in Sa'ada have no clear reason to justify why they broke out. The regime then find out that those consecutive wars in the restive province of Sa'ada are symptomatic of its poor policies that contravened the Constitution and effective laws.

Sa'ada citizens, who paid the price for government's poor and unjust policies, provided an evident example for the remaining citizens in the other parts of Yemen to avoid being deceived by such government's policies.

The government is found to have been using all the state's facilities and instigating army members to kill innocent citizens in the four Sa'ada consecutive wars over ethnical and sectarian differences. This is why Sa'ada citizens are predicting an exceptional fifth Sa'da war.

Inheritance project defeated:

The authority used all the capacities and tools it had during the four past wars in Sa'ada but it could not win the battle.

It continued to wage war on Sa'ada citizens, but reaped nothing more than shameful failure, despite its capacity and long experience in creating crises and inventing domestic wars that proceed in its favor and help it defeat the other side.

The main reason why the government's policies couldn't reach fruitful results in Sa'ada is that its injustice terribly grew and exceeded its reasonable limit and so did the administrative and financial corruption. Such failure is an indicator of defeating the potential inheritance project planned by the current authority that prepares for bequeathing power to relatives.