Together to restore a smile to cancer sufferers [Archives:2007/1091/Opinion]

October 4 2007

By: Mohammed Al-Ariqi
A child under age 4 was carried by his father. Although cancer had consumed most of his body, the child was still using his remaining energy to play with a small toy that produces the sound of birds whenever he moves it. He then breathes with difficultly and tries to catch his father's ear in an attempt to draw his attention to the sound produced by his toy.

The child hasn't yet realized that he is infected with blood cancer and has cost his father a lot of money. The treatment has made him weary while carrying him from one clinic to another and from one hospital to another.

Cancer doesn't only sadden and pain families of patients, but it makes anyone who sees a cancer-sufferer, be it a child, an adult, a man or a woman, feel the brutality and risk of such a malignant disease that consumes body of the sufferer. We are sorrowfully concerned over those infected with this disease at an early age.

Today, reports reveal terribly increasing scores of cancer patients while scientists are still exerting hard efforts to discover the effective medicine for the disease. Furthermore, any available medicine for cancer is very expensive. The curious thing in this issue is any man, with harmful behavior and conduct, is responsible for opening the door for the penetration of cancer into his body consciously or unconsciously.

All the relevant reports agreed that chemical pesticides are primarily responsible for the proliferation of the disease. Who produces and uses these pesticides other than man? If excessive greediness and treachery forces man to produce and import these pesticides without taking into consideration the consequences of these products on innocent people .There are many people, specifically farmers, who use these pesticides negligently and randomly, thereby becoming the first victims.

Away from pesticides, habits and traditions constitute a gap for cancer to infect throats and gingivas of those who consume shamma (a milled product of tobacco). It infects throats and lungs of smokers while Qat opens the door for all the kinds of cancer to infect several parts of the human body such as the mouth, duodenum, stomach and intestines.

So, we are facing a great challenge that should be overcome with various efforts for fighting harmful habits and imposing tough procedures against those who import and use pesticides. In addition, the official directives, particularly the ones given by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, have to culminate with supporting cancer treatment centers, as well as the human initiatives that left behind obvious fingerprints for reducing the suffering of cancer patients and their families. These initiatives were lavishly supported by Haj Abdulwase' Sa'eed Anam and Hayel Sa'eed Group Companies that played an integral role in establishing a national foundation for fighting cancer. The efforts expended by the philanthropist and his relatives reached fruitful results. They treated several cancer patients inside the country for free after families of patients suffered a lot trying to get enough money for the medical treatment abroad.

We pin a great hope in these serious steps, which the foundation has taken to open new centers in some Yemeni governorates in the months to come. Should there be any friendly reproach, it is on businessmen, philanthropists and social personalities who announced a few days ago their support for the Foundation for Fighting Cancer but haven't yet fulfilled their pledges until now. We say to them, “Please don't be extremely busy in earthly matters. This short life shouldn't shift your attention away from charity and goodness. Restoring hope and smiles to any cancer patient takes you nearer and nearer toward Paradise that has what is unavailable during this short journey.”

Source: Al-Thawra State-run Daily.