Too bad you won’t enjoy Iraqis’ freedom [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

Jim M.
[email protected]

I have just read your article on True Freedom. Although I am an American and you can correctly assume that I do have some bias, I would like to say that you raise a valid point with your repeated question “Is this true freedom?” concerning your theoretical future for Iraq.
However, even this type of freedom (and that would be the worst case…I believe the US and UK have purer motives) is better than a tyrant that allows his people to starve while building palaces to honor himself, allow his people to thirst while building lakes in which to swim or allow his people to be tortured because they dare speak out against him.
I can write a letter to a newspaper or even directly to the President of the United Sates and state any disagreements I may have, can call him names, curse him and even work towards his replacement (in legal elections) and am not punished, killed or tortured, but I am considered a good American taking advantage of my freedoms and rights. This is true freedom! Can you do that or can the people of Iraq? I think that they soon will
It's too bad you won't.