Too harsh a reply [Archives:2004/753/Letters to the Editor]

July 8 2004

Ali Saeed
[email protected]

I read the reply of David Wren published in Yemen Times in issue (748) entitled 'Intellectual terror is upon you' in which he harshly criticized the article written about the deaf and dumb in Yemen. I feel that was too tough and unjust.
I would like to say to Mr. Wren that even though it is healthy and good to comment on articles written by others, but saying 'shame on you!) in your reply us unjustifiable. I think that was an intellectual error by you.
The reply could have been more constructive and effective if it had been in a more polite manner.
Such replies may cause many readers to think that Westerners, who claim to be civilized and respecting others, are arrogant and disrespectful. I hope that you get my point.