Torture of Iraqis now legalized [Archives:2004/795/Letters to the Editor]

December 2 2004

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

Moslems everywhere should take notice of President Bush's new Attorney “Torturer” General, Alberto Gonzales. Generalissimo Gonzales is the person who engineered the torture of Moslems in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places where Moslem prisoners are being held by U.S. forces. Gonzales, a fascist with much experience in torture of prisoners in Latin and South America, has perfected the technique of the use of electricity for torture. As the U.S. slowly grinds up Iraq, prisoners there will all become familiar with the torture methods of Generalissimo Alberto Gonzales. Gonzales, a lawyer by trade, has determined that the Geneva Convention rules do not apply to Bush's prisoners. “Quaint and not applicable”, he says about GC rules and Moslem prisoners. Gonzales is no “hands off” official. It is said he personally tests his electric methods of torture on U.S. Moslem prisoners.
Of course, Gonzales' official appointment as Torturer General of the U.S means that all rules of engagement off and that U.S. and British forces captured by Iraqi resistance forces can now be tortured.