Torturing Al-Shuaibi [Archives:2007/1019/Letters to the Editor]

January 25 2007

By: AbduRahman
[email protected]

May Allah help the Muslimeen against those who call themselves Muslims, after reading this article about Anisa Al-Shuaibi, I don't know what to say. How can someone torture and RAPE a Muslim woman, that is disgusting and that person should be HUNG in PUBLIC for all those rapist to see their destiny if they are ever caught doing the most disgusting act possible. The guard who did so, what can I say May Allah help us from such people. I'm really trying not to make prayer against them for I don't want to wish (pray) bad on someone for maybe they will repent, if not then he/they just wait till the Day of Judgement where they will be held accountable to ALLAH subanhu wa tala for what their hands sent forward.

I'm a Yemeni who lives in NYC, USA and I read your newspaper (online) weekly and I find it very good and it helps me up to date with what is happening in my homeland. Please I ask you to not forget about this case but instead make noise against the corruption of the government and don't forget this story in few days. Please continue to encourage your journalists to speak out against injustice and this story is among the most important.

I will end this letter here in hope that the person who will read this will understand what I have just said and continue to strive hard against the evil that exist in our country in hope to some day by the will of Allah, Yemen will be among the best Real Muslim countries and be a role model for other countries around it.

P.S. please keep us update on this story and other similar stories, jazkm allah khair