Torturing Aldersi [Archives:2007/1021/Letters to the Editor]

February 1 2007

[email protected]

What happened to Ahmad Aldersi is appalling, but not surprising as these things happen in Yemen all the time where tribal sheiks abuse and torture people. Ahmad Aldersi should be commended for his courage to come out and reveal what happened to him. We know nothing will happen to this ruthless sheik because he is powerful and once served in the parliament. I'm ashamed to say it but it is true, Yemen is not a country of laws, Yemen is not a civilized country and what happened to Ahmad Aldersi is a proof that authorities know what happened and they cannot do anything about it because the perpetrator of this crime is a tribal sheikh thus he is above the law. It would take another 1000 years for Yemen becomes a humane and civilized country. Alas!