Touched by sad reality in Yemen [Archives:2004/731/Letters to the Editor]

April 22 2004

Mustafa Nagi
[email protected]

I was touched by the story narrated by Mr. Abdulwahab Alsofi from Hodeida, regarding the poor man who could not treat his son at hospital because he does not have enough money.
I can understand what is the feeling to be in a situation when your loved kids get sick and you can't help them.
Our government always says they offer free medication, education etc. Then why can this citizen not get the right treatment?
I think our Yemeni citizens have had enough, and it is time to bring this suffering to an end.
The majority of the citizens are hardworkers and deserve to live a decent life.
The question is how we should start to bring an end to this tragedy in our country.
The poor Yemenis have had enough humiliation and suffering, and the government are just selling endless promises.
I am wondering what the politicians are doing? Where are the local councils, human rights activities and the community role?
Thousand of question remain unanswered, but the best thing to do is, don't rely on the corrupt government, just play your role.
May Allah relief us from what we are in.