Tourism in Hadramout [Archives:2007/1040/Reportage]

April 9 2007

By: Saleh Al-Batati
For Yemen Times

Hadramout is rich in natural wonders and tourist attractions that grab the attention of tourists from across the world. The number of tourist facilities in the governorate has increased to 110 to accommodate demand. The number of tourists rose to 28,000 last year, of whom 3,800 were recorded during both Eid holidays. Many of them spent most of their time in Al-Mukulla, Al-Ghail and Al-Shehr exploring the monuments and attractions there.

Hadramout's Office of Tourism will publish brochures about cities and tourists attractions in Hadramout. Further, it will publish maps of Hadramout to help foreign visitors. The office will also embark on raising the profile of Hadramout among citizens highlighting the economic importance of tourism in the region. By raising the importance of the tourist industry to the economy they also hope to aid the recruiting of new workers for the burgeoning number of new restaurants, cafes and hotels. Moreover, it aims to enhance the awareness of the environment and the office will prepare radio and TV programmes to help disseminate environmental awareness among citizens there.

Hadramout has a lot of monuments, historical cities and a 350 mile long coastal strip which include varied types of coral reefs. It is therefore an ideal location for ecotourists attracted to its golden sands, therapeutic mineral water streams and natural reserves such as the Sharmah Reserve, a place nominated as a world nature reserve due to the existence of rare types of marine turtles.

“We have cooperated with the governorate officials and the Governor to set a plan for the protected areas and where building should be banned while promoting investment in sites in the area. We also aim to ensure that no harm comes to the turtles