Towards streamlining university education [Archives:2003/659/Reportage]

August 14 2003

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
The talk of the university education in our country is in dire need of immediate solutions.
This manifests itself when ten thousands of Yemeni students are swarming at the universities' campuses for registering their names. This includes new university registrants or repeaters at all different levels.
Those students are eager to know all there is to know about the university education, but they are encountered with unknown future.
The important issue that has preoccupied the minds of the educationists and university experts is the issue of promoting the university education, updating its quality in accordance with the modern educational technology.
This manifests itself whether in public universities such as Sana'a and Aden universities or other private ones.
A great significance and consideration has to be attentively paid.
Prerequisite studies, plans and policies as well as future educational strategies should be mapped out.
Those policies shouldn't be restricted to a specific period of time.
The general educational policies should include the future along with present.
In order to ensure a permanent efficiency of such policies with the aim of achieving the desired educational goals in accordance with the demands of the modern technology, the accountability therefore should be held by those who are capable of reconstructing and making tangible results.
If all of us don't deny the role of the Yemeni universities, whether it is restricted to the students capacity along with the students who study abroad particularly the higher studies.
We can say that the reality of university education in our country has been totally lacking of a clear-cut educational philosophy and policies necessary to promote and update the university education.
The university education in our country has been still living in a state of random stumbling and away from the right oriented track.
All these have its negative consequences upon the reality of the university education in both future and present.
The educational objectives can not be attained unless there is well-studied educational policies.
This is because we are in need of the simplest scientific basics.
The absence of an educational philosophy will lead to an inevitable consequences and problems which is to rise at any time.
It represents a stumbling block to achieve the desired goals.
The educational problems may extend to those who are responsible for education problems.