Tragic incidents in Taiz [Archives:2004/759/Local News]

August 29 2004

YT Taiz
The central prison in Taiz witnessed a suicide committed on Sat. 24thth July 2004 when the prisoner Abdul Aleem Mahyoob Saeed of 30 years of age, hung himself. The prisoner was being detained by South Taiz Prosection, under a charge of killing his uncle and his cousin.
A 39 year old laborer, Ahmed Salem Abdullah, who was a citizen of Al Udain, fell down dead in a building belonging to Abdul Wahab Al Huzmy located in Al-Houban area neighboring the Paint Factory there. The cause of death is not yet known giving rise to speculations of a possible murder or suicide.
A fire blazed out on a bus with Saudi plate no. 199 A A A. The bus was destroyed entirely. The incident took place in Hugdah on Taiz-Hodeidah road, but, the reasons for the fire are not known yet and the security authorities are still investigating.