Training course on commercial arbitration & administering Disputes [Archives:2004/777/Community]

September 30 2004

A training course on commercial arbitration and administering disputes was carried out at the hall of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry who organized the event in collaboration with the German Association “GTZ”.
The course was participated by trainees from different sectors of Chamber of Commerce, local councils, advocates and lawyers from the governorates of Taiz, Sana'a, Aden, Hadhramout, Dhalae, Saadah, al-Mahweet, Dhamar, Shabwah, al-Baidha, and al-Mahweet. The course lasted for the period from 25th until 29th September 2004. Attendants of the Training Course were Mr. Adnan Abdullah Saleh, the representative of the General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mufeed Abdo Saif, and Miss Gabriele Herrmann, CIM, Advisor, and Mr. Horst Becker, the German Lawyer, from the German Association.
The German Expert, Mr. Becker introduced himself as an expert in the study of law, in Germany. He comes from Munich and has an office in France, and gives lectures in French universities on law and legislation. He has good contacts with many international lawyers.
The course discussed German courts and German-European legislation, as well as the following:
A Presentation of the workshop's schedule and objectives; an introduction on the legal structure of continental Europe; the role of legal decisions in a constitutional state; tasks of legal judgment; an exercise to compose a judgment; the role of arbitral jurisdiction and alternative jurisdiction; the reasons for the application of arbitration and mediation; the structure of the German arbitration system in comparison to other European and American structures; working groups on the objectives and activities of a Yemeni arbitration Center based in Taiz; and evaluation and closure.