Training courses on various issues:Activities of Women’s Economic Empowerment Association [Archives:2004/752/Local News]

July 5 2004

By: Fahmia Al-Fotih
Emerging from the goals of the Women's Economic Empowerment Association (WEEA) regarding building the capabilities of the WEEA staff and enhancing the network process between WEEA and other bodies, WEEA is holding a training course on accountancy. The course began on Tuesday 29th June and will finish on Saturday 3rd July.
Ms. Abeer Al-Absi, the WEEA executive manager, is conducting the training course which will focus on the national strategy to alleviate poverty besides delivering the concepts and principles of accountancy and how to prepare loan accounts repayments tables. There are 22 participants.
WEEA also will hold a 4-day workshop on “Gender and Development” with 20 participants, which is to be addressed by Ms. Roqia Mohammed Saleh, a WEEA expert.
The workshop will discuss the concepts of development and its relationship to woman as well as practical approaches to female development and the basis and mechanisms of integrating the gender into the development process, drawing on the example of the WEEA.