Training Session on vessels secirotu [Archives:2004/745/Local News]

June 10 2004

Aden Bureau
Sunday, June 6th- the first training session to implement the international conditions to ensure the security and safety of ships, vessels and carriers and to protect ports, began on 6th June. The session was organized by itime Affairs Authority in cooperation with the Training Center in Aden.
The Minister of Transport, Mr. Omr Muhsen Al-Amoudi, confirmed that the session coincides with the graduation of the first batch of 600 coastguards, who will contribute tremendously and effectively in maintaining the safety and security of Yemeni ports, and in protecting our ports and regional waters from terror activities. He added that Yemeni ports have become safer and more secure with the enhancement of the security forces, after encountering huge financial losses following the attacks on USS Cole and the Limburg.
Dr. Yahya Al-Shaibi, Mayor of Aden, on his part, confirmed that his governorate would support the efforts of the authority through integrating and training cadres to protect Yemeni regional waters, about 2500 nautical miles, and to enable Aden Port to rise to its international reputation.
During the two-day session, several working papers related to the safety and security of marine navigation were discussed.
Mr. Khalid Al-Wazeer, Chief of the Authority, and a number of officials from Aden Coastguards and Ports Authority also attended the opening ceremony.