Transfer of authority of Community colleges: rejected [Archives:2004/767/Local News]

August 26 2004

Aden Community College's graduates are disappointed at the recent Cabinet decree that puts community colleges under the authority of the ministry of technical education and vocational training, instead of the ministry of higher education.
The graduates described the decree as oppressive and unjust, harming their future welfare and prospects. “We were hoping to continue our higher studies after fulfilling the 3-year diploma at the community college. But, the decree has frustrated us, as our future has begun to vanish under the threat of the presently wrong educational policies,” they said.
They claimed that the certificates granted to them by the college, will not be recognized by any governmental or private establishment. “They will close the door on us since the certificate does not carry the name of a ministry.”
Most of the Arab countries including Saudi Arabia have their community colleges under the ministry of higher education. Their decree covers all the students, the graduates and the undergraduates, and this has annoyed many people. Their future appears gloomy to them as there is no clear-cut educational policy for post-secondary school institutes. The community colleges used to be run by the ministry of education, then ministry of higher education, and now by the ministry of technical education and vocational training.