Transitional Justice and Gender [Archives:2007/1060/Local News]

June 18 2007

Nisreen Shadad
SANA'A-June, 16- Transitional justice and Gender was the issue discussed in a regional conference for three days. Salah al-Deen al-Wadee and Khadija Rowysi; who were actually the violence victims in Morocco, came to Yemen with the hope to convey their experience to all people who were subjected to violence and how they can release themselves as well as others from such kind of oppression.

During the three days, many issues are discussed; the concept of Transitional justice and Gender, the purpose of Transitional justice and the aim of applying it here in Yemen. “The idea of inviting this panel was before more than a year. It was when the President Ali Abdullah Saleh decided to leave his occupation.”” said Amel al-Basha