Tribute to late Al-Maktom [Archives:2006/915/Letters to the Editor]

January 26 2006

Iqbal Azim
[email protected]

His highness Late Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rahid was a legend of remarkable aristocracy and humanity in the family descendants of Dubai rulers. He was indeed an epitome of virtue and care for the entire world. If some misadventure would happen in the world he would be among the first ones to send the aids and help from his disposition. His death is a great loss to the Arab and Islamic world, especially to UAE as he was also among the veteran founder of Union of Emirates under the esteemed patronage other think tank of Emirates.

He has lived a clean image life and would always be a cynosure of entire Middle East socio-political affairs by his visionary inputs and advises. And would always strive to uplift the interest of UAE and Arab causes.

We must pray to Almighty for Maktoum family and entire ruling families of emirates to have patience to bear this irreparable loss and sudden demise of our beloved ruler Late Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rahid.

He would always be alive in the hearts of millions of people like us and his vision of progress and unity would continue incessantly.