Two killed over bizarre reasons [Archives:2003/08/Local News]

February 24 2003

Ibrahim Addahan
Ibb YT correspondent
IBB, 19 Feb – A man and woman were killed and six others injured in Al-Radma district, Ibb governorate in a bizarre incident last Thursday when a dispute erupted between two tribes on who should start dancing in a festivity on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha. Sons of a prominent sheikh, Abdulwahed Hazam argued with tribesmen from Bani Gaber, Bani Alawi, and Bani Al-Kadi that they should start the dance.
As each side insisted on its stance, a shooting began between the two sides over this matter.
The fighting renewed the next morning when both sides used heavy artillery including bazookas and automatic machineguns in a war-like combat. As a result of the random shooting, an innocent woman was shot in her head and was killed instantly. Family members of Abdulgani Al-Kadi, who had nothing to do with this dispute, were also injured.
Another person from Alawi tribe was killed and Nabil and Khalid, the two sons of sheikh Hazam, were injured.
Interestingly enough, police forces were not present to stop this battle, or at least protect the innocent villagers from those irresponsible actions. The incident is one of many that occur frequently throughout the country due to the huge number of illegal weapons in the hands of tribes and citizens and also due to the absence of the state of law.