Two killing crimes in Taiz [Archives:2004/711/Local News]

February 12 2004

A citizen Anwar Saeed Abdeh al-Wazeer, 30, from the Mawasit Hajariya district in Taiz governorate was shot dead with a pistol bullet by his brother Nasser Saeed Abdeh al-Wazeer two weeks before.
There were attempts to save the victim but failed and the security men are still chasing the killer to arrest him and find out the real motives behind the killing incident. There some indications that the killing took place because of a family dispute.
Another killing incident also happened at al-Hasri Mikhlaf village on December 30 where a farmer Sadeq Ali Khalid, 32, was shot dead by his brother Abdullah Ali Khalid as a result of a dispute over a tree and that dispute aggravated to the extent that the killer pointed his machine gun at his brother and shot him dead.
Security authorities are currently investigating into the incident.