UAE visas to Yemenis: why us? [Archives:2004/758/Letters to the Editor]

July 26 2004

Jamal Bin Ishaq
[email protected]

This message is to the Yemeni government's ministry of foreign affairs and is as follows:
It is strange to see that Yemenis are still (and always) suffering with difficulties obtaining Visas to enter the UAE. It's not about Europe or America. I think it is easier with that part of the world or at least I understand their point of view. I have experienced this myself while traveling several times to the US/Europe or to Africa via Dubai. It is pity and annoying on such action. Yemenis are treated completely different at Dubai Airport, all other nationalities go thru smoothly at immigration except Yemenis who are stranded for a couple of hours and in the end forced to buy visas at Emirate desk at a ridiculous price in addition to the stringent security check on us. This does not apply to other nationalities, which pay 100 dirham and they are done, straight to immigration. My question is why is this happening to us (Yemenis)?
My question is: Where is the Yemeni government in all of this?
3 weeks before my UAE visa rejection, the president of Yemen and his cabinet were in UAE for a 3 day official visit. Hugging and kisses where seen on the television between the 2 parties. What are these 2 parties discussing? Nobody knows. These kisses and hugs don't make sense if simple issues such as Visas are not tackled. My request to the Yemeni government is to bring up the visa issue and discuss it with UAE officials on a clear and fair basis.