Uncle Sam’s direction is now Iran [Archives:2005/814/Letters to the Editor]

February 7 2005

Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]

Uncle Sam has is reported to have given a final touch to its strategy as to how to strike Iran. On the contrary, Iranian defence minister came out with a warning that his country will use that weapon which has been kept secret so far. Is it a fact or myth that Iran, being our Muslim brother, does have such a weapon which could frighten Uncle Sam to pause or stop materialising his long-awaited plan?

Let's not forget the ground realities that it was the regime of Taliban that warned US to meet the deadliest consequences if attacked Afghanistan, but as you saw that nothing happened and finally US entered the mountenous area successfully. Then it was the Iraqi President, Saddam Hussain, who also used the same coin but in vain. In the given situations, it is now Iran which is also following in the footsteps of Taliban and Saddam Hussain in terms of issuing warning to Uncle Sam but will it bear any fruit if God forbid the latter go to strike Iran? I don't know whether the Iranian threat is also very similar to what the previous two regimes had rendered or full of what the minister has dropped a hint.

On the other hand, US President, George W. Bush, while being sworn in for the second term, made it very clear that his pledge of making the entire world free will be followed up properly. It means still lots of countries are under the rulers who are not liked by him or maybe not dancing to the tone of music at the White House.

Last but not least, the honourable president is requested to first purge his own society from the alarming ratio of crimes, decoities, thefts, killings, abductions, rapes, gang-rapes etc which have become a matter of the day, then he had better to come out to talk of freedom of the entire world. Excuse me…charity begins at home.