Underdeveloped Yemen [Archives:2006/978/Letters to the Editor]

August 4 2006

By: Mart van de Mortel
[email protected]

From 1992 to 1997 I was in the Yemen, working as a tour leader for a Dutch travel organisation, which obviously co-operated with a Yemeni agent. In 1997, with great pain in my heart, I left for personal reasons. This year I thought it about time to pay a visit to my Yemeni friends again, whom have been in my heart for the past nine years. it was not only the friends I wanted to see again, but also that very special country that captured my heart from the moment I set food on its ground in 1992.

Last August 19 it was my personal “D-Day””; I landed at Sana'a Airport again for a two week visit. My dearest friends were there