Unemployment, its policy in the spotlight [Archives:2004/761/Local News]

August 5 2004

It is anticipated that an international meeting will be held in Sana'a from Sept. 27th-31st, 2004, to discuss unemployment and policy for its eradication in Yemen so as to come out with some opinions necessary for solving the critical problem existing amongst laborers.
The meeting is to be organized by the Confederated Union of Yemen Laborers in collaboration with the International Laborer's Organization, the UNDP in Sana'a and the World Bank at courtesy of Arab & International organizations and the donor countries.
The meeting will discuss the impact of unemployment on the poverty phenomenon in Yemen and the means to lessen the same and the support that needs to be offered by the donor parties to restrict this problem.
Also, the meeting aims to form strategies that will stem labor problems in Yemen that are relevant to the poverty phenomenon, most significant of which is widespread unemployment and the formulation of a nationwide strategy on how to mobilize and direct the labor force.