UNHCRclarifies its stance [Archives:2005/906/Letters to the Editor]

December 26 2005

UNHCR Sana'a , Yemen
UNHCR is deeply saddened by the tragic death of a man with unknown identity and injuries sustained by five Somali demonstrators and four Yemeni policemen outside UNHCR's office in Sana's on Saturday 17 December, when Yemen's anti riot forces had to intervene to disperse an increasingly aggressive and violent crowd. The crowd- varying from 50-300 people had been demonstrating- at times violently- since 13 November, despite ongoing efforts to reach a peaceful solution.

UNHCR however wants to take issue with your article of Dec 18 in which UNHCR Yemen is blamed for the death of “a Somali refugee”” (“”UNHCR-Yemen blamed for death of Somali refugee””).

Since the start of the protest on November 13