Unidentified disease kills 300 sheep in Hadramout [Archives:2006/946/Local News]

May 15 2006

HADRAMOUT, May 10 ) An unidentified disease killed at least 300 sheep in rural areas around Mukalla city causing horror among shepherds depending on sheep as the main source of income.

Mohamed Faraj Abdon, Manager of Hadramout's Agriculture and Irrigation Office indicated that his office sent a team including an agricultural engineer and a veterinarian immediately after it heard such news.

Diarrhea is the main symptom of the disease while the concerned committee could not diagnose the disease, but it took a blood sample of infected sheep to be examined at Hadramout University Laboratory and sent another sample to Sana'a.

The committee produced a preliminary diagnosis of the disease saying it symptomatic of Sever Acute Respiratory System and malnutrition due to drought in the area. The primary cause of the high death toll of sheep is poisonous grass and it is not the first time for shepherds to lose a great number of sheep, according to the committee.