Unification is the greatest achievement of our time, citizens say [Archives:2008/1157/Reportage]

May 22 2008

By: Saddam Al-Ashmouri
For the Yemen Times

Yemen Times conducted a survey and asked people, including children, about their views on the unification, which was achieved on May 22, 1990.

Abdul-Wahed Al-Dharrab

The Yemeni unification is a big national achievement; a pride to every Yemeni and every Arab citizen. It will, God willing, be a kernel for the comprehensive Arabic unification. With the unification, a lot of development achievements were made in different fields. I call on the Yemeni people to preserve the unification and confront for anyone that is seduced to harm the unification.

Bushra Al-Ameri

The unification means a lot for me: the main and basic thing is a decent life inside one unified country from its borders to its distant lands. There is no controversy over the unification, which has been there since eternity. Whatever differences and disagreements, the unification will remain steady and a goal for all parties.

I think the Yemeni unification is a ray of hope for a strong Arab unification and a successful experience that should be respected by all.

Lina Qasem Al-Maghribi

Unification is the base for power and sustainability. The Yemeni unification is one of the highest achievements in the history of Yemen. There are some negative points, however, and these lie in the existence of powerful figures under the shade of unification. They should not be given any chance to play with the unification.

Majed Bin Yahya

The Yemeni unification is a religious demand, and prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) had unified Muslims. The unification doesn't mean the unity of politics, but also the differences among peoples. The Yemeni unification is a historical achievement. But what I didn't like about it is that it has been repeatedly mentioned by some officials in their speeches.

Haniah Al-Dhaheri

The Yemeni unification is a strong base on which I can rely. It is one of the national principles, which should not be harmed.

Baleegh Ali Al-Masoodi

Unification means living peacefully, loving others and dealing with them kindly. It also means a guarantee for the sustainability of power and integration of individuals. Without a doubt, the Yemeni unification has been a historical achievement. We should therefore thank God for this unification. Other peoples wish to have unification. It is a blessing from God and we should preserve it even with our souls. We wish to accomplish the greatest unification, which is the unification of Arab states.

Awwad Mohammed Sharaf Al-Hammadi

The unification is the integration of one thing into another. It is an important part of our entity, it is my goal and the goal of every Yemeni citizen. It has brought about a lot of achievements, including peace and safety, stability and development.

The unification created one society and one national, strong army that can protect the country from any enemies. The unification, additionally, has created the peace, love and cooperation among the communities. It has led to the development in all spheres of life.

Ameen Al-Waeli

The Yemeni unification is the project of our civilized history. It is more than a political project that political powers try to dominate. The unification is the will of people, the fate of a nation and the honesty of history and possession of generations.

Ali Hussein Al-Jumaie

The unification is one of the greatedst achievements in Yemeni history. It has been a great thing for which Yemenis live. The unification has helped Yemen remain at the top, live in peace and stability. It is one of the achievements of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Bakri Ahmed Al-Hiasi

The unification means the unification of people but not the state of separation from which some nations suffer. Allah has ordered human beings in the Holy Quran to stay united and not get parted. This is a common concept, so why should we ignore it?

Ghazi Muharram

The unification is a great thing and a concept. It is one of the most important and wonderful achievements of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The unification is love and power. It is, at the same time, the weapon against anyone who tries to separate Muslims.

Abkar Abdullah Al-Qadasi

The unification is a lighting candle amid darkness, which is referred to as the Arab parting. Without a doubt, the term ' unification' was mentioned in all the heavenly books.

The Holy Quran has also ordered us to remain united as Allah says, “Do not be divided in order not to fail.””

Strength lies in unification and so do goodness and peace