United against Blair’s Denial [Archives:2005/881/Letters to the Editor]

September 29 2005

Islamic Human Rights Commission
[email protected]

In a show of unprecedented unity, over 150 Islamic and Community-based organisations and individuals have added their name to a statement issued last month in response to the Government's latest anti-terror proposals.

The original 38 signatories have now been joined by numerous community-based groups and individuals including a number of Councillors reflecting the mood of the Muslim community at a grassroots level. It is a clear signal to Tony Blair from the Muslim community that, irrespective of their various nationalities or political beliefs, they stand united against his draconian proposals.

The massive number of signatories is evidence of the fact that Tony Blair's “consultation” with the community is virtually non-existent.

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated:

“Consulting taskforces composed of a few unrepresentative individuals in the community will only further isolate the increasingly alienated Muslim masses. The Prime Minister must abandon his state of denial if he truly wishes to build a more secure and peaceful Britain.”

In brief, the six points of the statement are:

The term extremism has no tangible legal meaning or definition and is therefore unhelpful and emotive.

The right of people anywhere in the world to resist invasion and occupation is legitimate.

Questioning the legitimacy of Israeli occupation is legitimate political expression.

The proposal to ban the non-violent organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir is unwarranted, unjust and unwise.

Arbitrary closure of mosques may prevent legitimate political discourse in mosques fuelling a radical sub-culture.

Deporting foreign nationals to countries known for gross human rights abuses is abhorrent.