Until when? [Archives:2006/966/Letters to the Editor]

July 24 2006

Shatha Ja'afar A'abass
[email protected]

The Israeli policy could lead the world to World War Three due to the number of countries involved in the current war in Lebanon. The Zionist movement and its powerful leaders that exist in the United States and all over the world want to own all of the land that is mentioned in the Torah; from the Nile to the Euphrates. Day after day, it becomes very clear how great their racism and prejudice is towards all Arabs.

Their methods have become more and more tyrant-like since the massacres that occurred in Lebanon. They take into consideration that in order to occupy strategic land, they must get rid of that land's people. Do we not see it?! They are working towards taking it over. They are looking for a place that is near to the sea for their future international business.

My heart is full of anger and grief for those Lebanese and Palestinian people. Moreover, I am saddened by the Arab leaders' reactions. We got the lowest of the low.

I wonder – did Israel use its soldiers as decoys so that Hezbollah would start this war?! What I know for sure is that simple Israeli morals part of the policy of expansion in Lebanon.