Us and them [Archives:2006/992/Letters to the Editor]

October 19 2006

Sundus Sallam
[email protected]

Ramadan is a special time to celebrate and forgive one another. Muslims around the world celebrate this month by exchanging compassion and blessings and it is a happy spiritual time for all. What I don't understand is why in such a holly month we continue to get attacked by some evil media in the west. I am talking about the Dansih Cartoons again. Although this time there has not been such a strong reaction, maybe because they are not worth it. But it upsets me to hear again that our Prophet (mpbh) is being attacked again. I don't understand what they achieve from doing so? And what are the pleasures they get from hurting other people.

Isn't it enough that the Muslim world has surrendered its will to the world's power? Now do they want us to also surrender our religion? I hope not. This is very upsetting indeed.