US & Baghdad vs. UK & Aden [Archives:2004/738/Letters to the Editor]

May 17 2004

Richard Viner
[email protected]

I am a British person horrified by what is happening in Iraq. It is just as much an illegal occupation as when the British occupied Aden in the 1960s.Now having said that my father was part of the British army, commanding the then Federal Regular Army in the 1960s, but he and I came to realise that Arab and British as people are skin and bone. Here is a poem that was given to my father by a member of the Fadhali tribe.
Viner is himself a whole government, like a good government, he stands firm in the face of life's troubles. He is always just. Memsahab is charming and graceful and always she is kind, I dream that they both become Muslims. Then I shall protect them and I shall give them land, I shall give them cattle to plough their fields, and fine goats will be their meat. Memsahib will grind the corn, and collect water from the mountain pool, never will she tire by her pleasure, of caring for the zaim and making him happy. If their god will allow them to come to us, Our life and their life will ever be good. Allah is with us all Richard Viner.