US has begun the spin for war on Iran [Archives:2004/798/Letters to the Editor]

December 13 2004

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

Bush, having rattled his sabre at Iran on numerous occasions, has now sent off his disgraced poodle Powell to fetch up phoney evidence and rally the Republican Congress and the citizens for yet another costly Middle East disaster. Yes indeed, having refurbished the B61-11 thermonuclear “bunker-buster” bomb, Bush can't wait to try it out on someone and Iran will do nicely, thank you.
Supposedly, the B61-11x hydrogen bomb buries itself so deeply before it explodes that nearby goats will continue to graze contentedly while the mushroom cloud busies itself contaminating only Iran's hidden treasures. Of course, actual tests on tent families in Afghanistan show that it actually doesn't get quite deep enough to do that. A minor problem for Mr. Bush but a major problem for the goats and nearby schools. After all, Iran has a lot of nerve competing with U.S. and Israeli stockpiles of nuclear weapons that are reserved only for the good guys – guys who were recently Saddam's and Osama's buddies like George 1st and Oily Dick Cheney.
But Iran and the goats should take Bush seriously. The Crusading Cowboy needs some diversion of world attention from his failed Iraq adventure. With the U.S. Congress and (soon) the courts all stacked with Christian Fundamentalists, the only chip in the Cowboy's armor is his rapidly growing financial disaster in Iraq.
Although a phony national election in Iraq will evoke another “Mission Accomplished” gospel hymn from the Bush Family Singers, the facts are the Iraqi oil wells are producing diddly squat, the Resistance grows stronger daily and suicide bombers are going to be leaping uninvited into the arms of Allah for years to come.
Another war for this sick Christian fascist is just what his new Secretary of Offense, Witch Dr. Rice, will prescribe. So there you have it; a fresh batch of tritium coming off the rods at Savannah River about April 15 '05, and the B61-11x will be ready to make goats glow faster than you can say Tora Bora.
On another subject, and as I've mentioned in several letters, Yemen citizens who cooperate with the FBI and CIA are bound to get themselves in trouble. These U.S. organizations are controlled by and staffed with hoodlums and goons. Yemen would be wise to boot these scoundrels out of the country before it becomes another Iraq.