USA is truly stuck [Archives:2003/687/Letters to the Editor]

November 20 2003

Husam A. Hashem
[email protected]

Anyone watching TV news programs and looking at the panic in the faces and voices of US military and official spokesmen can easily realize that the USA is now in truly deep trouble in Iraq.
The US is struck in an adventure it thought would turn to be a fascinating one, but which turned to a deadly and unpredicted long war with an unknown enemy that is nowhere and everywhere.
The US administration is to blame for what it has caused to the reputation and lives of those who served in the army with the illusion that they would be cheered and greeted in Iraq for 'liberating' from its tyranny.
But today, they find another reality.
I just hope the consequences will not be so severe on the soldiers who are only acting upon orders from unwise military hawks that should pay the price for what is happening.