Violence in Sa’ada prison [Archives:2006/1009/Local News]

December 21 2006

SA'ADA, Dec. 20 ) There were armed clashes in Sa'ada's Quhzah Prison between inmates and security forces and army units who were summoned by the prison's guards, according to media reports on Dec. 18,

The reported clashes took place on Sunday afternoon when some security personnel decided to burn the inmate's tents in the prison's yard. In reaction, the inmates, hiding in the prison's rooms and lobbies, hurled stones at the security. Thus, the guards summoned additional forces from security and army and embarked on firing into air. No inmates were injured.

Officials negotiated with inmates and the talks resulted in convincing inmates to hand over sticks and iron pieces in their possession to the prison's administration in return for lifting the ban over food, water and electricity.

The available information mentioned the prison's administration allowed inmates to access food, water and electricity after 36 hours.

As for the suffocated inmates, the sources revealed most inmates got over their conditions and another two are still receiving medicine.

The clashes between security forces and inmates came after the latter started to chant slogans Al-Houthi followers used to voice against America and Israel though they are not affiliated with Al-Houthi.

“The inmates have no links to Al-Houthi and most of them are jailed on criminal issues