Vote for Yemen! [Archives:2006/983/Letters to the Editor]

September 21 2006

Afrah Nasser
[email protected]

It's really a unique Yemeni experiment what I'm witnessing these days. As a young Yemeni girl I know for sure that I've never seen an election like this one. It represents how Yemen can give the whole world a new different perception of democracy. I know my voice makes contributes to Yemen's democratic future. Nevertheless, I'm not becoming so fixated on this extremism that I see is getting more and more a block against progressing further. My voice does count, Allah will ask me about my voice. I should be very reasonable about it.

I won't vote for anyone that can't give 100 percent of himself to the country. I won't let my voice be a bridge to fulfill his personal goals. I won't be happy if my voice may take my country one step back.

I have decided how I'm going to vote. Proudly, I vote for the Yemen that has always been very generous to me as treated me as one of it's daughters.