Waiting for Arab’s awakening [Archives:2004/745/Letters to the Editor]

June 10 2004

Jerry Peterson
[email protected]

When will Arabs wakeup? The Palestinians will never have peace with Israel, because Israel wants the land where they are living. For the Palestinians there are only two choices – stay and die, or leave and live. The US supports Israel 100 percent, so they can't expect any help there. What is the Arab world going to do about this injustice? Arab leaders have seem to have lost their legitimacy.
Do they no longer bow to Allah? Or do they just bow to America and Israel?
It's a disgrace to the Arab world to see their leaders bow before Israel and the US. If Democracy is going to be established, the Arab people will have to overthrow (with brute force, if necessary) the incompetent leaders who are keeping the whole Arab world down. To be free, leaders must be elected by the people and held accountable to them. If they prove themselves to be incompetent, they must be removed from power. Another important element of freedom is to have the scientific know-how to make your own weapons. If you have to get your weapons from the West, you will always be at their mercy. There was a case where the UAE purchased F-16s from Lockheed Martin at $80 million dollars a piece, whereas the US military purchased F-16s that were even better equipped for just $25 million dollar a piece. If you have to go to your enemy and beg him with hat-in-hand, he's going to bleed you.