Waiting for things to get better in Yemen [Archives:2003/668/Letters to the Editor]

September 15 2003

Dr. Ali Obali
[email protected]

I have many dreams of going back home and practicing medicine there to help my people whom I had promised to serve them when I left Yemen 20 years ago after high school. I am dreaming of saving money to open my own hospital not for profit but to help those who have no money to travel to other countries for medical reasons. I visited Yemen last year and have noticed many changes. I was very interested in the healthcare system. I visited Sana’a University and many hospitals in Sana’a with my friend Dr. Khaled Jaghman. I was not happy with what I saw. I was also discouraged by many Doctors not to go back to Yemen and waste my future there. My heart was broken when I saw many neglected patients in their hospital beds. I was also was devastated by the situation of doctors also. I have decided to stay in my new city New York, USA and practice medicine here until things get better -if they will ever get better- in my native country.