Wake-up call for the Department of Drug Control [Archives:2006/954/Letters to the Editor]

June 12 2006

Ali Sherif
[email protected]

It is a wake up call indeed. While I am still in a state of shock, I am confused by the fact that it could not have taken all that medicine prescribed by a physician without at least a little positive effect. The effect of the medicine was missing.

The pain I suffered and the sleepless nights were unforgivable. Well, I decided to approach the pharmacist who sold me the medicine for an explanation. I looked at him straight in his eyes for an answer as to why the medicine did not work. His response was that it was a cheap type of drug that I had used. However the expensive brand brings in quick relief, according to him. Oh me! While hiding my angry emotions, I told him I would pay anything to relieve the pain. The so-called pharmacist did not strike me at all as professional.

Incredible damage is being caused to public health. I gathered my strength and headed to the Department of Drug Control, taking with me the empty packs of pills which had no effect. I told them that I found the packs did not bear the name of origin of the country which manufactured the medicine. The responsible official was convinced that I had the right to take-up a case. I told him I am modest citizen and presume your institution has the mandate to correct things in the interest of public health but that they should not expect me to do anything more.