Wake up Yemenis! [Archives:2003/627/Letters to the Editor]

March 17 2003

Lunder Bordge
London, UK
[email protected]

While visiting Yemen last year, I realized that I have to point out the secret of Yemen. I think it is better for you to close this web site and declare your country as a one of the poorest country in the world. You have no policy, no government enforcing laws on the public. Poverty is hunting your people. Shame on your officials and leaders for bring the country to such conditions. I am damn sure you can make it one of the best and amazing countries in the world. But look at your conditions today. What good news can you write about now except the day-to-day deteriorating conditions.
I am asking myself, why are your people having so much patience and endurance abilities to withstand your government's policies? Or is it because of illiteracy that dominates your country. Wake up, be realistic, be logical. If you are sincere with your own people, help them get off the streets that they are lying and sleeping on. Stop beggars by improving their conditions. Do something to save your country fro collapse if you are truly loyal to it. But if you cannot, then just stop, it's all over.