War wounded demand their rights [Archives:2005/834/Local News]

April 18 2005

Tens of wounded and handicapped due to war have been staging a sit-in for more than two weeks in front of the marginalized people's new housing city in Sa'awan area, Sana'a. They protested because the government has not fulfilled promise to build homes for them.

The protestors called on the government, and the War Wounded and Martyrs' Families Association to make them equal to the marginalized and give them their homes which were promised eight years ago. Protestors claimed that the government and WWMFA have mishandled their rights and unfulfilled promises.

Being the fuel of wars since the Revolution onwards, this class is living in miserable conditions. The monthly pensions they get hardly meet their need for bread and water. They appealed to the President to look on them with mercy, and at least make them equal to the marginalized.

In the same place where the handicapped and martyrs' children are staging their strike, martyrs' mothers and widows are standing requesting the government to keep its word.

The government had promised to build homes for war martyrs, amputees and disfigured especially those of 1994 war, but it has not done anything yet.

Protestors confirmed that they would continue their strike until the government fulfill its promises.

Some 400 thousand soldiers affected by war, are reported living with very low standards.

The government has made provisions to establish associations for them which should take car of their needs.

According to protestors, some of these associations get considerable budgets but they are useless offices with no action in reality.

“They neither look after the needs of these people nor do they let international organizations alleviate some of their suffering through humanitarian aids and constructing homes,” they added.