Water pollution [Archives:2004/772/Local News]

September 13 2004

The lack of water and the exhaustion of underground basins has shifted our attention from the issue of water pollution. Although the current situation dictates “water issuance is prior to its source and quality”, this does not take into account the fact that pollution nullifies water supply. What, after all, is the advantage of the availability of polluted water which one can not use?
Polluted water can only be solved by medical field workers. Most hospitalized patients, infected with digestive system-liver and urinary passage diseases, suffer due to water pollution. Moreover we are not aware of the bad consequences and the fact that ailing people will lose energy and mental concentration owing to this problem.
Recovering from such diseases costs a large amount of income at the expense of one's basic needs. It is also a heavy burden on the government.
This phenomenon can be largely prevented in both urban and rural areas in an approximately similar way – by establishing a sewage network and sanitary disposal mechanisms which will help decrease water contamination.