We can be better [Archives:2004/702/Letters to the Editor]

January 12 2004

BZean Ali
[email protected]

First of all I want to thank you about your words when you said: “not everything practiced by west should be forbidden for Arabs. We need to learn from each other” I think we have to put one hundred lines under the sentence “learn from each other” because what happening is we are taking without giving, and what we are taking are mostly things that we don't really need! And can be said of most of the things that we took from west. The things that are not accepted by our religion Islam. And when you ask them why you took this (Bad thing) not that (good thing) they would tell you it is the evolution and as long as we took it from west so it is the best and better than ours. In other words Arabs follow western manners without thinking whether they are good or bad for us, and their excuse is that they are better than we! Although we can be better too if we just thought as they did, and we learn how to choose.