We have a noblemission in Iraq [Archives:2003/696/Letters to the Editor]

December 22 2003

David Lockhorn
[email protected]

After World War II, the US occupied Germany, and Japan. US troops were stationed in South Korea.
All now have democratic governments. If we are to believe the editor, democracy under these conditions is impossible. Yet, democratic they are.
The US has occupied Iraq, and has legal obligations to fulfill. Nominally, we are in charge of roads, ports, water and waste treatment.
We have no authority over the beliefs of Iraqi's, their religious faith or how they treat their families and neighbors.
We will be there a short time, while physical infrastructure is rebuilt, governance is restored and civil institutions, press, educational system and judiciary are rebuilt.
And then, we leave.
What seems certain is that for some Iraqi's, they feel better with no water, life is better without fuel, having heavily armed troops is to be preferred over local police, chaos in government (murder and vandalism) is better than reliable services.
The truth is, I don't live in that world. When I turn the faucet, I'm glad to get water. And these violent, ill mannered killers are attempting to share their view of the world with the children, mothers and fathers of Iraq.
It seems too difficult for them to run for office, or to be successful in their own businesses – just to spite the US.
So, we will do our best to leave Iraq better off than when we arrived. Ready and able to join the rest of the world economically and socially. With an elected, Iraqi government.
And I hope that not too many of Iraq's best are not killed by these angry, empty men.