We ought to be a good example [Archives:2004/701/Letters to the Editor]

January 8 2004

Neena A.
[email protected]

I urge the writer of “Your attitude makes you ineligible to rule” to think again before he writes such letters simply because as Muslims, we should always be better than this meaning that we should not try to badmouth any other nation but always be a good example for others.
Please dear editor rethink about publishing such letters because as you know every nation has its own disasters and we have to teach others that we as Muslims have patience and can reply to any insult with wisdom in our words and be winners. Therefore, no need for disrespectful words despite the fact that such things exist “gay marriage and so on and so forth.” I mean Mr Abdulaziz A. could have replied to the other reader in a much more informed way if he chose to but unfortunately he did not.
Personally, I loved Mr Barkatullah Marwat's reply to David Welch's feedback. We need people like him to answer for the misinformed readers about the US and the Middle East issue.