Werner RemmeleMering, [email protected] [Archives:2003/630/Letters to the Editor]

April 7 2003

War on Iraq:
A defeat for justice

The war against Iraq is a defeat for humanitarianism, justice and common political sense. It has not been legalized by the UN, the only organization, that would have had the legal mandate. And the vast majority of countries does not follow.
Furthermore, Bush and his team do the greatest disservice to the US and its people.
There is no doubt, that this war is not simple, clean and cheap – it will be complex, dirty and expensive. And, moreover, the damages resulting from this war are completely incalculable, e.g.:
– Political: Destabilization of a region with a fragile balance of power.
– Economical: (Ongoing) disaster for the oppressed people of Iraq and tremendous negative impact on the world economy with huge succeeding secondary problems.
This will lead to tremendous anti-American sentiment all over the world with even increasing need of 'pro-active intervention' – a spiral of violence, that can not be controlled.
With this war, there is no more credibility left for the politics of the current US Government, credibility that the whole world offered to Bush after Sept 11, 2001. He missed the chance to ensure 'enduring freedom' around the world, satirizing this term and turning it into its contrary.
Personally, I am proud to live in a country, whose government has initiated the opposition against this politics, and whose people are mature enough to follow.