What is the best age for girls to marry? [Archives:2008/1183/Reportage]

August 21 2008

By: Bashir Al-Selwi
For the Yemen Times

Anwar Al-Idrisi, 36, Company employee

“In my opinion, the appropriate age for a girl to marry is 22 because by that time, she's completed university and there are no impediments preventing her from marrying.”

Mohammed Salah, 26, Student

“The best age is 18 because then a girl is healthy and physically ready.”

Tariq Mahmoud, 19, Student

“I think the appropriate age is after she completes high school because by this age, a girl knows a lot about life and has had many experiences.”

Abdullah Hosun, 25, Student

“I think anyone over age 12 is OK.”

Majid Al-Selwi, 24, Student

“Twenty years old is the appropriate age because it's considered safe physiologically.”

Fathi Hamed, 30, Pharmacist

“Age 20 is OK because at that age, a girl has the ability to take on responsibilities. At the same time, she's also considered good from a health standpoint.”

Yasmin Al-Ariki, 25, Dentist

“I think 25 is the best age because by then, a girl has the ability to take on responsibilities from every side.”

Rami Al-Absi, 23, Designer

“I think 23 is the best age for many reasons because a girl will know [by then] if she's able to be a wife.”

Karen Al-Sadi, 47, Principal of Hadda Valley Junior High School

“It depends on the girl. There's no specific age, so long as the girl is over 18 and able to decide for herself apart from the boy and the boy is able to decide for himself.”

Mazen Saif, 25, Student

“I think over 18 years old because the girl then is able to choose the right person and make the right decision.”

Sa'eeda Ali, 50, Homemaker

“I think whenever a girl is able to take care of children and a husband, then she can get married, so in my opinion, there's no specific age.”

Maher Abdullah, 26, Student

“I think between ages 20 and 25 because a girl is more mature by this age.”

Ibrahim Al-Idrisi, 21, Student

“The appropriate age for a girl to marry is after completing school because by this age, she can make decisions about her future and also about the boy.”

Mansour Farah, 22, Student

“I don't think there's any specific age for a girl to marry, as it depends on the individual girl.”

Shadi Kulib, 23, Pharmacist

“I think the appropriate age is 22 because a girl will have completed high school and university by this age.”