“What methods should the government use to encourage female education?” [Archives:2008/1174/Reportage]

July 21 2008

By: Tareq Al-Adil
For The Yemen Times

Tawfiq Ali, 35, perfume merchant

“I think it would be a good idea if the government increased female schools and not mixed them (females with males). Also, putting forth a new curriculum that suits the female nature is very important.”

Farhan Alwan, 35, merchant

“The government should educate females in handcrafts and technical education, such as sewing and cooking, which will help her to work and help her family.”

Marwan Al-Qubati, 24, pharmacist

“The streets should be secure so women can go and study safely. School management also must focus on girls' daily school attendance and absences.”

Amin Al-Absi, 22, mobile phone salesperson

“I think the government should create schools for females and school management and teachers should be females. Also, poor families must be helped to educate their daughters.”

Abdulmalik Al-Sairi, 45, tailor

“The government should subsidize poor families to educate their women. Handicapped women also should have special care and education.”

Ali Juma'an, 29, physician

“The government should use the media to correct concepts that parents believe about educating women.”

Houria Al-Raimi, 20, nurse

“I think the government should build schools in every neighborhood to make schools close and shorten the distance for students to go to school.”

Abdusalam Al-Shahari, 26, laboratory technician

“I think the government should guarantee jobs for women after graduation.”

Mohammed Abdul Jaleel, 33, baker

“I think schools should be provided for both young and older females in rural areas.”

Fatin Al-Amari, 19, receptionist

“Female-only universities should be built to encourage women to complete their education.”

Fawaz Al-Sabri, 25, welder

“The government should provide free education to poor families to encourage women to study.”

Hammam Al-Absi, 20, spare parts employee

“I think the best thing to encourage women to study is to build more schools in rural areas and provide them handcrafts education.”

Roqia Al-Mithali, 19, secretary

“The government should use the media to correct inaccurate concepts about educating females. It's also very important to have schools in every neighborhood.”